fitBody Nutrition
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"I lost 40 lbs … and my resting heart rate went from 75 to 62. [Jackie] has given me the tools to continue on my own."
— Mary B., Teacher, Mandeville, LA

Why Nutrition?

Jackie has seen many clients do great in the gym but fail to reach their goals because they didn't change their eating habits. Others have tried diets and failed. Unlike trainers who give nutrition advice with no nutrition training, Jackie's programs are based on her knowledge and experience as a certified Nutrition Specialist through the American Academy of Sports Nutritions and Dietitians (AASDN).  Jackie knows how to help you implement small changes that add up to big results. fitBody Nutrition with Jackie and fitBody Camp with Jackie are nutrition programs that are based on science and realistic lifestyle changes, not gimmicks or diets.

fitBody Nutrition is Different from Dieting Programs

fitBody Nutrition with Jackie is different from other nutrition/weight loss programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. With Jackie you get the expertise of a dietitian without paying for one! As a Certified AASDN Nutrition Manager Consultant, Jackie provides services with the counsel of a licensed dietitian. Your food log will be analyzed with the use of advanced nutrition software to determine the vitamins and minerals that are deficient in your diet, as well as the foods that are overpowering your diet.

For the complete wellness package of training and nutrition at an affordable price, try fitBody Camp with Jackie.

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